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Cluster Navigators are specialists in cluster development. We support economic development agencies in upgrading the competitiveness of their communities. Our starting point is the cluster framework developed by Prof. Michael Porter.

Book Cover - Cluster Development: The Go-To Handbook.

New book published by Ifor Ffowcs-Williams - "Cluster Development: The Go-To Handbook". Read more about the book and order your copy.
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Aid Agencies 

Multinational agencies that provide services and initiatives to multiple countries. 


Local government and regional development agencies operating within part of a country.


Government ministries and agencies that develop and coordinate economic development within a single nation. 


Businesses, either individual or in groups (trade associations). 


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'The three day training course of Cluster Navigators made a difference in giving us ideas, useful experiences and inspiration to move forward'. Dan Sjögren, VINNOVA, Stockholm
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